Here at BookingLive we integrate with various voucher providers such as Groupon, so our client's customers can redeem various discount codes. We also provide clients with the ability to set up their own internal vouchers, providing anything from discounts to gift options.

One of our clients, Steve from Wild Wood, recently got in touch about a voucher VAT redemption method that he'd discovered. He kindly asked if we could share his findings with the rest of our clients, so you have Steve to thank for any tax refunds you receive!

"All vouchers not redeemed after their valid expiry date can have their VAT reclaimed!" Steve, Wild Wood

You can reclaim the VAT spent from as far back as your first voucher sale, as long as you have been selling vouchers since then. To prove to HMRC that they are unclaimed, you simply need to produce a report, which can be done through your BookingLive system. You can then get back up to 20% of their value in your next VAT return.

If you have any handy hints and tips that you'd like to share feel free to post them on the Customer Forum or email For more information about setting up vouchers head over to the User Manual. Thanks again Steve!

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