Public Sector Booking Systems and Website Use

Ben Proctor, Managing Director at The Likeaword Consultancy has examined data from over 400 councils within the UK. Ben set out to find out more about website usage within the public sector and came across some interesting findings. For starters, 43% of public sector website visitors were from mobile and tablet devices throughout 2015, yet less than half of public sector websites are mobile responsive. It is important that the public sector make their websites mobile-ready. Less and less people are accessing the internet via desktop devices, so chances are they're going to be less able to find what they're looking for. This will lead to them either ignoring services or picking up the phone to ask questions, which will drain the public sector's resources further.


Public Sector Booking Systems

The median bounce rate for all public sector websites investigated was 45.7% in 2015. As a bounce rate between 26-40% is ideal, overall the public sector are sitting just outside of this. Bounce rate is important in distinguishing how useful people are finding your website to be. In theory the longer a person spends browsing your website, the more they're engaging. It's therefore important to keep the bounce rate to a minimum. Engaging content and call to actions (CTAs) which are found within mobile responsive booking processes. Such as BookingLive's can maintain low bounce rates. Through implementation of mobile responsive public sector booking systems, Hampshire County Council explain that "the majority of our bookings are now made at 7 or 8 in the evening, something which wouldn't have been possible if we hadn't introduced booking software".

BookingLive specialise in the development of public sector booking systemscontact us today to find out more. Below is the info-graphic Ben produced which summarises some of the key stats surrounding website use in the public sector.


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