BookingLive: Pay Online with Chargify

BookingLive is a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription and we have partnered with a leading recurring payment handler, Chargify, to ensure our customers can streamline their subscriptions and pay online with chargify and with ease.

Using Chargify with our online booking system allows BookingLive to focus on product development, continuous upgrades and customer satisfaction. When you’re dealing with customer bookings, ticket sales, redemptions, memberships and more, the standard pay options on the web today can prove frustrating. Streaming payments through a payment gateway such as Worldpay, Sagepay, PayPal, or any other leading gateway can give your business peace of mind that online payments and bookings occur 24/7.

Pay online with Chargify today by signing up to our free booking system trial.


Online Bookings

Online bookings can be a godsend for any professional company. Regardless of industry, it takes a great deal of management to get an online booking system setup correctly and functioning in a streamlined manner. You’ll find that without having good software in place that can handle schedules, invoicing, customer data and more, your business can be effected negatively. Without a steady stream of online bookings and payments, you could suffer from a collapse in cash flow. That’s where BookingLive booking system can help - taking bookings and online payment 24/7.

BookingLive Chargify

Secure Online Payments

BookingLive have a demo booking system allowing you to preview some of the various booking processes available to you. Once you are happy to sign up, you can do this in 2 simple steps, including paying online with chargify. Chargify will manage your renewals automatically, streamlining online payments for all your subscriptions. It is well worth investing on our SaaS booking system model - you can be up and running and taking bookings online within an hour. It's that easy.

Top tip: book one to one specialist online training.