There has been lots of talk in the media, about the OpenSSL Heart bleed vulnerability in recent days, causing concern throughout the IT community.

Obviously for us, it was a concern but we do benefit from being relatively small compared to networks with over 2 million SSL certificates issued like Cloudflare.

We've conducted the risk assessments, and to set minds at ease you'll be glad to know all our servers on the Rackspace platform were not vulnerable to this. The majority of our customer base are on Rackspace, so for us this is a big relief.

Despite this we've upgraded to the new patched OpenSSL version anyway, to ensure we're in line with the rest of the industry should any more flaws in older versions come to light.

In regards to any clients on domains with IPs 81.201.129.XXX on our other network, you'll be pleased to hear the system was patched last night.

Password changes

Some in the security industry, are telling the global public to immediately change all of their passwords. While we think this is slightly reactionary, we have taken precautions and done this on our servers.

We would urge our customers, to possibly review their passwords given the light of this information, and take the opportunity to update them for their main logins for your booking systems.