Outdoor Activity Centres and other businesses such as hotels, restaurants and spa salons are increasingly using the likes of Groupon, LivingSocial and KGB deal sites. They are a quick-fire way to sell a large volume of activities in a short space of time - but at a low price. Daily deal sites can be a brilliant way to increase your sales and business awareness, but they can also cause your business issues if you are not prepared for the influx of visitors and bookings.

Many new clients have opened a new online booking system account with BookingLive because of the large volume of voucher redemptions - as many as 3000! You can't scale your business to cope with the demand, which is why our online voucher redemption module allows your customers to redeem vouchers and book online with ease!

If you are considering using deal sites to increase onling booking volume, firstly, we would advise that you certainly have an online booking system, and secondly, ensure that your booking system can manage and cope with voucher redemptions and large volumes of bookings. Increasing your bookings and traffic to your site is a fantastic opportunity for your business to shine - so make sure you are prepared.

1. Be sure you have calculated and decided what activities you can offer at a reasonable discounted price, without causing your business any headaches, and most importantly - make sure you are not losing money on the activity.

2. Ensure your website is ready for the influx of traffic. Make sure it's user-friendly and it's clear for the user how they can redeem their social deal voucher. This will minimise the number of calls you will receive asking how they can book an activity on your site.

3. In our experience, having online reservations software is the best solution to deal with social deal sites. It means you can capture all of your bookings in real time, which eliminates booking errors, double bookings, incorrect bookings and many more issues that occur with manual and paper booking systems. BookingLive provide the very best accommodations centre software for online bookings, and one of our areas of expertise is dealing with social deal sites such as Groupon. Please see our blog on our booking system integration with deal sites.

One of our social deal success stories is UK Zorbing company SphereMania, they process between 80-90% of online bookings through third party voucher agents.

SphereMania use deal sites regularly which brings in a vast amount of business. Having our reservations system means they can cope with the high volume of bookings they receive every day!

If you would like advice on online booking systems or you're considering implementing one, please contact BookingLive and we will be happy to help!

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