Online booking systems have benefited numerous businesses worldwide. Travel agencies, tour companies, course or training providers, event organisers are among those who have taken full advantage of the many features offered by online booking systems such as BookingLive. Through implementation of an online booking system organisations are able to maximise their business opportunities and online sales.

It is important to look for certain features when looking for an online booking system. We've put together a list of these to help you choose the ideal online booking system for your business:

1. Use of high resolution images

Online booking systems which provide image galleries entice customers to book online and are far more successfully than those which don't.

2. A simple but attractive "book now" button

This will further entice customers to make a booking with you due to ease of access.

3. Facilitation of real-time booking and email

Customers want reassurance their bookings and reservations have been made. Online booking systems should have features which enable automated confirmation emails to be sent to customers.

4. Updates and information

Booking systems should be integrated with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This way customers have access to all updates on the latest deals and promotions.

5. Security and support

Payments through online booking systems must be secure. PayPal, Sagepay, Worldpa are all preferred ways for customers to pay online. Customers should also be aware of the presence of online and phone support that they can turn to if they have any queries.

6. Display live availability

Customers should be 1 click away from booking and within BookingLive you can show live availability anywhere within your website.Additionally show customers where they are during the booking process.

7. Consider a multinational audience

Online booking systems should offer a choice of various languages and currencies to account for a global audience.

9. Consider cloud hosting

Here at BookingLive we host with rackspace cloud which allows you to access files remotely, saving time. Cloud hosting also allows you to expand and process large volumes of bookings in a short space of time.

BookingLive offers all these online booking system features and more. We are proud developers of an award-winning web-based tool which comes with a free trial and free set-up. Find out more about our variety of price plans or contact us with any questions today.