Pricing Schemes

BookingLive users are able to set-up Product Pricing in the form of concession rates, adult/child pricing etc, but with the new Pricing Schemes will allow users to create far more sophisticated and complex pricing structures.

Previously, pricing levels were based solely on the participant type i.e. a concession would get a cheaper rate than general admission. Now you can set up various conditions to determine the price a customer will pay. Whilst still only having to create a single product. This can be anything from people's ages, the location, or the time of day they wish to make a booking.

An example of this is a climbing centre who offer different prices based on particular age groups, weekdays and weekend rates and the time of day of the event. Now the administrator only needs to create one product for their ropes course and add the various pricing rules which the BookingLive system will, in real-time, populate with the correct price according to the Pricing Scheme.

Traditional promotional packages like early-bird discounts or promo codes can then be added on top to create a truly comprehensive pricing model. This is particularly beneficial when producing reports on the performance of your facility or centre, as it can all be shown in a single report.


Credit Card Charges

It will soon also be possible to add card charges to the payment process within the booking journey. Businesses will be able to set a percentage or a fixed monetary value, which will be added to a customer's booking or order total.

These card chargers can be set per card, e.g. a £2 charge for paying with a credit card and a 1% charge for visa debit.

These charges can also be added regardless of which payment gateway you use. Do you have multiple locations or venues which each use different payment gateways? That can be easily handled by BookingLive software's new feature. If you use SagePay for products booked at your Bristol location and PayPal for products booked in London, you can set individual card charges for each.

Both these new features will be released over the next few months, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. If you are looking for help setting up pricing, please refer to the User Manual or Online Helpdesk.