Manage your Events & Business with Ticket Booking Software

If you run an events business or you run a business which offers events then you'll no doubt have come across event ticket booking software before. Perhaps you've always thought you could get by without it or you've put off using it because you think it's too technical. Either way here at BookingLive we know the hugely positive impact event ticket booking software such as ours can have on businesses.



Make Life Easier for Your Customers & Attendees 

By incorporating ticket booking software in to your business not only are you streamlining admin processes but you're also making your customers lives' a lot easier. With BookingLive's ticket booking software event attendees are able to register and then log-in to view and update their registration details. Users can also easily cancel their event registration which prevents the likelihood of no-shows as well as freeing up spaces for replacement attendee.

With event ticket booking software it couldn't be easier to stay in touch with event attendees. Notifying them of any updates such as a last minute change of venue can be done within a few clicks! You can also set reminder emails and SMS messages to send to further maintain communication. Automatic confirmation emails can also be set up to send to all new attendees which cuts down on staff admin time.

Event ticket booking software such as BookingLive can be used to set event capacity limits to prevent double bookings and ensure customer satisfaction.


Make Life Easier for Yourself

Not only does event ticket booking software save you vast amounts of time that would otherwise be spent on the phones or filling out Excel documents, but it stores all details safely and securely. You can even track booking data and produce accurate and insightful reports quickly and easily. All attendees can download and print e-tickets which saves you from mass printing costs, ensures they aren't able to lose them as well as being better for the environment!

BookingLive systems are hosted with 100% uptime so even during busy periods you can rest assured your customers and attendees will be able to book on to events. You can also set up waiting list features for when your events reach maximum capacity.


Easily Market your Events

BookingLive can design and set-up your very own company website or can set-up individual booking pages to use on an existing website. This in itself will help publicise your events as well as providing visitors with the ability to book on to them all in one place!

You can also set-up registration forms with custom fields so you can collect the information you want and need. Saving attendee's details also gives you the option of sending them information about upcoming events - chances are if they're booking on to one event they'll book on to more! Integrated emarketing tools such as MailChimp are offered with some ticket booking software, such as BookingLive, to allow for easy and trackable marketing activities.


Generate Additional Income

Ticket booking software comes with features that allow you to set-up your system so you can sell items such as merchandise online before and/or after your event. BookingLive's expert EPOS booking systems make setting up and taking payments a breeze. Not only will you be taking online bookings but you'll be running an ecommerce site!

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