All About Event Ticket Booking Software

As its name implies, an event ticket booking software is what it says it is. This software facilitates booking event tickets through the internet. Although it may seem simple, it is the multiple features available that can be challenging to master. Event ticket booking software, like that of BookingLive, can positively affect your business and not only because it can boost your sales.

Time Efficient

The event ticket booking software of BookingLive saves both you and your customer’s time. Clients can check and update their details by just logging in online. Alternately, they can also withdraw their bookings through the internet. These minimizes a waste of money as clients don’t have to call within certain time frames because they can easily cancel their bookings through the internet anytime and anywhere they might be.

Communicating With Clients Is A Breeze

The event ticket booking software also has an integrated feature that allows businesses to contact customers about their booked events. Done through SMS and email, this feature is very useful since there can be last-minute cancellations or venue changes sometimes. The software user can also send pre-set reminders to update their clients if the event is taking place soon. Communication is very important in marketing campaigns, too, as this helps business owners disseminate information about upcoming events.

Increase Your Profits

If event tickets sell out, you can create a waiting list for those who were not able to purchase. When a booking gets cancelled, those on the waiting list can immediately move up and take the spot. In addition to this, the booking systems of BookingLive come with an EPOS hardware so you can retail items on the web before and after an event. These merchandise can range from mugs to shirts, posters and other souvenir items that are a sure hit amongst event goers. The great thing is you can use the hardware to collect payments for both the tickets and merchandise.

We bet you were not aware of these features before! This software gives you a complete e-commerce solution, you can now cover all income-generating opportunities. If you plan to include an event ticket booking software in your company, call BookingLive now on 01179338632 Or email us: