Netbanx offer end-to end payment solutions to merchants around the world with the ability to create new revenue opportunities while minimizing payment costs. Accept all international credit/debit cards, online direct debit, as well as many global alternative and local payment options. Businesses can rely on Netbanx’s extensive risk management functionality to minimize fraud exposure and liability.

Natbanx can offer you to create new revenue opportunities and increase customer satisfaction while meeting the highest standards in payment processing technology and security. In addition, offering management services for reducing and managing online payment fraud and allowing you to focus on your business while delivering secure and reliable payment processing.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated with major online shopping carts
  • Manage expired/expiring credit cards
  • Set automated recurring billing schedules
  • Process transactions using tokenization

What Makes BookingLive An Easy Choice?

Secure and Scalable Hosting
Our cloud hosting infrastructure is independently PEN tested and is PCI compliant. Our servers have SSL-encryption with excellent data uptime and file storage to give your business the scalability it needs. Backed up with fanatical AWS support by Rackspace.
Bespoke Software
If you have specific requirements and need a bespoke solution, we can help. Contact us today with your requirements for a free quote.
Easy Pricing
Each price plan includes a set number of bookings (transactions) and level of support, payable monthly or annually. There is always a one-off setup fee, subject to requirements.
Flexibility Is Key
With over 300 configuration settings, we're proud that our software is so flexible. Any change you need to make can be made yourself and if not, our excellent support is here to help.
Are There Any Long Term Contracts?
No, BookingLive is a commission free solution with no long-term contracts. Our flexible plans are scalable to help your business grow.
Excellent Training and Support
We include remote or onsite training with every quote, courtesy of a dedicated account manager. Every price plan has access to unlimited 24/7 support. The support channels (forums, email, phone) vary with each plan, as do response and resolution times.

Find out more about the services BookingLive offer by getting in touch today.

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