Groupon negotiates huge discounts between 50-90% off with popular businesses. They send location-specific deals to thousands of subscribers in a free daily email and send businesses new customers and booking opportunities.

Groupon and other social selling discount sites provide your business with the opportunity to massively increase online bookings and brand awareness. If you are able to offer up an online discount for your products based on a minimum number of bookings, gift agents can provide you with the traffic and buyers necessary to complete your deal.

Within your BookingLive administration system, you can setup third party gift agents such as Groupon and import all the voucher codes they issue customers. When your deal finishes, customers receive a voucher (paid for via Groupon) to redeem the specific product or activity you setup. Groupon also provide you - the merchant - with a list of corresponding voucher codes to verify your sales.

After you have imported all the voucher codes into your online booking system, BookingLive allows the voucher holder to book their activity on your website by selecting a suitable booking date. The customer can then redeem their voucher with the code provided by Groupon, very similarly to if they were paying with a credit or debit card - it's as easy as that! Even better is that BookingLive's booking software will automatically generate an invoice to Groupon.

BookingLive booking software can integrate fully with Groupon, so Groupon customers can redeem their vouchers on your website.

BookingLive's online booking systems:

  • Allow your customers to redeem vouchers through your own online booking system and website
  • Allow you to import all voucher codes
  • Allow you to setup Groupon as a voucher company
  • Automatically invoice Groupon weekly or monthly when vouchers have been redeemed online

Benefits include:

  • Cope with the rush of bookings you get after featuring on Groupon with BookingLive's powerful software
  • Make it easy for your customers to make a booking with their voucher
  • Know about the bookings through Groupon in advance so you can assign resources

Importing vouchers into BookingLive couldn't be easier. If you're an existing BookingLive client who's familiar with our booking system and CMS software you won’t need to learn much more as setting up your Groupon integration couldn't be simpler. By using BookingLive's powerful and efficient online booking system, you can set specific rules to control when and how your promotional rates are available to prevent an influx of underpaying customers. Once your vouchers have been uploaded to Groupon, customers are directed to your website to make a booking and enter in their voucher code. This significantly reduces call volumes and starts the customer experience professionally with no problems.

What Makes BookingLive An Easy Choice?

Can I still process group bookings over the phone?
Of course. Just login to BookingLive and process the booking internally. This will ensure the booking, inventory and customer are properly tracked.
Can I add on optional up-sell to a promotion that isn't free?
Certainly! This is a great opportunity to make up some of the revenue given to Groupon. You can add optional items to the product (for example photos, lunch etc.),This will show the balance due after the voucher code is applied and the customer will continue through the payment process.
I use a group buying site, not Groupon. Can I still use this feature?
If you have a list of vouchers or a discount codes, many group buying programmes are compatible with BookingLive.
Secure and Scalable Hosting
Our cloud hosting infrastructure is independently PEN tested and is PCI compliant. Our servers have SSL-encryption with excellent data uptime and file storage to give your business the scalability it needs. Backed up with fanatical AWS support by Rackspace.
Bespoke Software
If you have specific requirements and need a bespoke solution, we can help. Contact us today with your requirements for a free quote.
Easy Pricing
Each price plan includes a set number of bookings (transactions) and level of support, payable monthly or annually. There is always a one-off setup fee, subject to requirements.
Flexibility Is Key
With over 300 configuration settings, we're proud that our software is so flexible. Any change you need to make can be made yourself and if not, our excellent support is here to help.
Are There Any Long Term Contracts?
No, BookingLive is a commission free solution with no long-term contracts. Our flexible plans are scalable to help your business grow.
Excellent Training and Support
We include remote or onsite training with every quote, courtesy of a dedicated account manager. Every price plan has access to unlimited 24/7 support. The support channels (forums, email, phone) vary with each plan, as do response and resolution times.

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