How to Set-up, Run and Manage Events Successfully and Lucratively with Event Booking Software

As many businesses will know, hosting an event is much harder than it looks. Often portrayed as a glamorous lifestyle, many people switch careers to running events but often fall at the first hurdle. Although it is an enjoyable skill for many, running events requires a huge amount of time and dedication - it often even requires you to be in two places at once! That's why more and more businesses are turning to event booking software to help them set-up and manage events in half the time, allowing them to run more events and generate more income. Read on to find out more about how event booking software could help you.

event booking software


Ensure Attendees Don't Forget

With BookingLive's event booking software, you can set up scheduled reminder messages in the form of email and SMS to send before an event so attendees don't forget. You can also send email and SMS messages about last minute venue changes, as well as maintaining communication throughout the period between the booking's completion and the event by sending correspondence such as the event timetable.


Prevent Overbooking

Event booking software allows you to set up waiting lists, ensuring customers who're interested don't miss out if a space becomes free. This feature also prevents you from losing revenue, as paid spaces can be replaced even if you're providing cancellation refunds.


Run Ticketed Events and Check-in Attendees

Event booking software also allows you to set-up and run ticketed events, with the ability to create tickets which can contain unique bar codes. As the majority of events which are bookable online send tickets via email, by introducing event booking software in to your business you'll be keeping up with the most successful events businesses.

To further ensure the smooth running of your event, BookingLive software integrates with EPOS hardware. This enables admin users to check-in attendees through the use of  technology such as bar code scanners, saving time and making it easier to run events which are being hosted outside and away from any computers.


Assign Resources

When customers book themselves on to an event, you can provide them with the option of selecting resources such as food, drinks and memorabilia. Not only does this provide you with the ability to generate additional income, but it provides an improved customer experience, as well as enabling you and your staff to easily see how many resources are needed for each event.

Admin users can also assign resources, which includes staff members, to specific events to ensure everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time.


Don't Run an Events Business? You Can Still Benefit From Event Booking Software

Although there are numerous events businesses out there who are able to see direct results from implementation of event booking software, there are a surprising number of other businesses who can also benefit from event booking software. From schools to charities, more and more businesses are hosting events. Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense if you're only run a few events a year, event booking software provides you with the ability to manage a multitude of different bookings, resources and more.

To find out more about event booking software, head to our dedicated Events page, or contact us today. If you're interested in seeing BookingLive in action, why not book on to a free, webinar demo?