Switching your bookings onto an online system can initially be hard, the transition from paper to PC can disrupt organisation, and details can be lost or misinterpreted. A way to minimise mistakes and reduce stress levels is to centralise resource management into an interlinked system that is safe, reliable, with rare inaccuracies.

First of all, maintaining your bookings on an online booking system means your bookings can not be damaged or lost, keeping them online will mean that they are kept safe and accessible 24/7. Controlling your reservation system online means that your customers will also be able to book anytime, which can literally make you money whilst you sleep.

So as this keeps your bookings controlled why not organise the rest of your business around the system? Keeping your resources interlinked means less room for error, misinterpretation, and higher efficiency. First of all what our booking system allows you to generate is accurate and real-time reports for your business. This can include your monthly sales, aged debtors, and customer feedback.  The report can also be programmed to generate and email you automatically. This is extremely useful for reviewing your business monthly as well as contributing to key business decisions.

Our system can also effectively organise your staff. You can automatically assign staff to schedules based on course or activity requirements and staff availability. This can also be customised for fulltime or freelance instructors and seasonal staff. You can also track staffing hours with a clock in clock out application. This speeds up the rota and schedule process, allowing for flexibility and keeping staff happy. We can also give you the tools to keep all customer records and details in one file to help build and customer database for accurate knowledge of your customers and effective marketing.

Centralising the major aspects of your management operations reduces stress and mistakes, increases organisation, and overall saves you time and business intelligence costs. This allows you to spend more time with your staff and customers, and enjoy the more fun aspects of your job!

To find out more on centralising your business management, and to see what else BookingLive can do for you, call us on 0117 9338632 to speak to our team, or visit www.bookingLive.com.