Every business' objective is to maximise sales. But how can an online booking system help you maximise sales? Well, e-commerce is a fantastic way to bring in additional sales from new and exciting channels. As an activity centre or any other business, you have the potential to use gift agents such as Groupon and LivingSocial to sell your activities and massively increase your sales volume.

Bookinglive has a powerful voucher redemption system to deal with gift agents and high volumes of bookings. This way, you can increase sales and revenue and attract new customers - no problem!

In our experience, gift agents provide results. Why? Groupon guarantees new customers to your business through highly effective marketing activity. You must be willing to offer a good deal for your activities, but as a result Groupon will get new purchasers buying your deal.  Not only does this strategy bring you valuable new customers but it also markets and promotes your activity centre to new channels and raises awareness of your brand - all for no extra costs. BookingLive works seamlessly with Groupon and other gift agents to allow online bookings by redeeming Groupon, Living Social and other gift agents vouchers.

Sounds good? We think so, and that’s why our online booking system provides a perfect solution to activity centres working with gift agencies like Groupon. With BookingLive, your business avoids errors such as double bookings, incorrect bookings and lost bookings that easily occur with high volumes of reservations.

But, how does BookingLive solve this issue? Gift agents will sell vouchers for your activities via their website. Your new and excited voucher holders will then visit your website to redeem the voucher, they can do this by making a booking and entering the voucher code at the point of purchase. When the booking is made, it is processed instantly and registered by Bookinglive's CMS (Content Management System) - so no double, incorrect or lost bookings. Our booking system can then send your new customers confirmation SMS and emails as well as reminders or cancellations for the booking. The CMS can also allocate your resources such as materials, staff and equipment for that particular activity. Your staff can even have notifications to let them know they are required to run the activity on the specific date. Our booking software provides you access to all of your booking details, which are automatically updated when a booking is made.  Easy, isn’t it? Let Bookinglive do the hard work allowing you to take advantage of the benefits gift agencies can provide.

Groupon was recently featured in the BBC Watchdog programme. Small businesses were complaining of receiving a large volume of bookings, voucher redemptions and sales - Why is this a bad thing?? Using our booking software for your voucher redemptions would solve this problem and push all online booking through your own website.

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