When clients invest in a new booking system and website, they generally ignore user experience until they are presented with the stats. These stats come from one source - Google Analytics.

What stats am I talking about?

Well, if you are familiar with terms such as 'conversion rates', 'goals' and 'ecommerce tracking', you will know that having this information is very powerful. It allows you to make informed business decisions that will improve user experience and turnover.

BookingLive allows you to integrate your Google Analytics and Ecommerce accounts into the booking system. We monitor stats closely which is why we are in prime position to best advise new and existing clients on how to position their business, their products and get the most out of their customer's booking experience.

Our expertise with online booking systems and user experience allows us to produce high fidelity wireframes, user journeys and process flows, for our most elite clients. Our review process with such analytical data available, ensures continued revisions and ideas are implemented to keep our clients ahead of their competition. An example of such is what I call 'intelligent purchasing' - defining related products to your customers increases conversions. Another example - allowing your customer to share their booking or purchase with all their friends and followers on twitter and facebook increases market awareness 100's or 1000's of times over, without any extra effort or investment from you.

Would you like to know much more about your clients? How they move on your website in an accurate way? Tracking analytics lets you to see how your users behave on your website and, on the basis of the data, you can make the best investment decisions and therefore, maximise your budget. You can also know what is the best way to adapt your website or to improve your marketing campaign, just looking into your clients’ actions.

Turning your clients’ behaviour into measurable data is a reality thanks to tools like Google Analytics: you can know the amount of visits; the time spent by your users on each page; how many times is visited a particular page of the website; which pages make the clients to be no longer interested in visiting your website; the amount of new and usual users... that is, learning all your clients’ behaviours on your web. Moreover, it is possible to know what sources use your clients to get to your website: engine researchers, other websites or social media, for example.

Mango Studio performance monitoring tools gives you the ability to measure, analyze and report on the performance of your booking system and website. What are you waiting for? Real-time information is at your fingertips!

For further discussions around analytics, ecommerce tracking, user experience or of course your online marketing and booking system needs, contact BookingLive on 0117 933 8632 or www.bookinglive.com