Google Calendar is a popular application from Google. Using this application, you can easily track important events like birthdays and anniversaries. If you are an entrepreneur who runs a business that offers courses or classes, you can make use of this application in your booking requirements. This is particularly true if you use a booking software Google calendar feed.

In Google Calendar, there are appointment slots which users like you can open and reserve. Other people like customers and co-workers can also do the same provided they know the URL. In this case, you have to e-mail the URL to them so they can see the calendar and make their revisions on it.

An alternative is to embed or share the URL link in your company’s website. By doing so, your clients or co-workers can see the date and time when you are available for an appointment. The downside, however, is that they must use Google Calendar to view your schedule. Although Google Calendar is free, not everyone understands how it works, how the booking software Google Calendar feed is used, and some don’t even know it exists.

Using on-line booking system that integrates Google Calendar is highly recommended for busy entrepreneurs like you. BookingLive is one of those web-based scheduling programs that incorporate Google Calendar.

In BookingLive, you can connect a location to Google Calendar. The program will then push all booking software to the Google Calendar feed. If you run a tour company, clients can see the dates when your tours are available on Google Calendar. The same goes for your personnel who can book tour reservations depending on the availability of tours as displayed on Bookinglive and pushed on Google Calendar.

Booking changes made with BookingLive are automatically updated on Google Calendar in the same way that changes within the program are updated on BookingLive. This eliminates the need to make updates on both tools.