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Using Credits


Credits within BookingLive are a form of payment. They can only be used by logged in customers/members (must have an account).

Typically if your system wants to reward members with another form of payment to pay for their Activity / Course that doesn't require using their own money - credits are the best solution.

Credits can be:

  • assigned automatically to a member when they signup to your membership.

Using Credits will add a "Credit Value" field box on each of your activities so you can specify if you wish to allow Members to use credits against this activity by setting a non-zero value.

If the member doesn't have enough credits to pay for an activity/course - then credit card payment is requested as instead.

Admin can:


Using Credits

If you wish to use credits - you first need to add the below config to your Company Info Config Settings (in ADMIN > CONFIG > COMPANY INFO).



: This will add a "Required Credits" & "Credits Only" box to your Activity (as seen below).

When a member is making a booking - credits will always be taken as the first method of payment unless credits remaining do not meet payment total.


Required Credits - Enter here how many credits must be used per participant to book this activity.

Credits Only - Tick this if you wish this activity to only be payable in credits (no cash/card/cheque payment allowed).

Activity Price Category using Credits

If you're using more than one price for your activity('s) then you will be familar with Activity Price Category.

Credits can also be assigned to each of the different prices for each activity as seen below.

  • To assign a Credit Value to each of your activities varied prices go to


Managing Member Credit Balances

To manage the number of credits, activities that can be used with credits, and credit expiry date - you'll need to go to ADMIN > CONFIG > CREDITS.

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