The members functionality allows you to manage members, both paid and unpaid that use your website. In addition to memberships, it can also handle membership renewals and reminders for customers.


Where to find Members

You can find the Member section by going to Bookings > Member

Member Shortcuts

A number of shortcut icons can be enabled on your system as defined below.

Icon Name Description
Approve This applies when you have membership requests enabled. Ticking this field gives your member permission to pay for their membership upgrade and be automatically assigned their new membership group.
Decline Declines a member from either their upgrade request, or their initial request to join your membership
Cancel Cancels a members membership status, and takes away all their permissions. This will downgrade a user back to a "Basic Member".
Pay Membership When this option is available, it means that a member has been approved or are up for renewal, but yet to pay their membership fee. They can do this via their MyAccount or you can take this payment over the phone by clicking this button and proceeding to your payment gateway.
Rebook This allows the member to be rebooked