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Customer Account


 Whenever a customer makes a booking a user is created for them in the "Basic Member" group. The Email First Name and Surname are pulled from the participant of the booking to make this member. The user can then go to www.yoursitename.com/myaccount and click the reset password link to set the password for their account and then login. 

The MyAccount Links checkbox's in your Security module allows you to determine whether your security groups are granted access to edit their "My Profile" and "My Bookings". You can control what each group can access by checking or unchecking each option. 

NOTE: To control what fields appear on the member "Profile" page you need to go to Admin > Config Settings > Purchasers Template >Purchaser Template Item Tab, and select the field you want to appear, and make sure the "Show on Member Profile" box is checked. 

Setting up the links to show on page

  1. Go to SECURITY> Select a Group > MY ACCOUNT LINKS [tab]
  2. Click the checkboxes that they are allowed to edit.
  3. Click SAVE on the bottom right

The selection of My Account Links shown above yields the following links in my account.

Resetting Customer Password 

  1. The customer can reset their password using the reset password link on the login page. 
  2. The customer will then have to enter in their email on the following screen so a "reset password" email can be sent to them. 
  3. On this email there will be a link that sends the customer to a form where they can enter in a new password. 

Please note if the customer is logged in they will have to enter in their current password aswel as the new one on the password reset form. If the customer is not logged in they will not need to enter in their old password, just the password they want to change to.