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Creating and Editing Users


  • Learn how to create users
  • Learn how to delete users
  • Learn how to manage users
  • Learn how to change a user's password   

NOTE: Make sure you are in the "Security" section on the navigation tabs.

Creating users

You can create a user by navigating to the group you would like to add the user too and clicking on the "Members" tab in the Editing Pane, there is a button on the bottom right hand corner, labeled "Add Member." Press it, and a form will pop-up.  

Here, in the Main tab in the popup, you can edit the user's details. The two most important parts of the user details are the user's email (which is also used as a login) and password.

To create a new administrator who has access to the CMS and data you must add the user to the group which will be called "YourSiteName Admin" or equivalent, added a user to this group will give them access to everything you do in the CMS. If you wish them to also have access to refund and edit bookings via superedit you must make them part of the group with the name "Refund", if this group is not already in the system you must create the group before adding the member to it. 

To make the user be able to make admin bookings they must have "Booking office" checked when on the edit member view. 

NOTE: If you are on the BookingLive Lite plan you are only allowed one user. 

Managing and deleting users

You can edit or delete a user by clicking on the "Edit" or "Delete" icons to the right of the user's entry. 

NOTE: Users can be in multiple groups.  If you delete a user from a group, they are only removed from that group, not from the system.  To fully delete a user, you need to be in the root of Security.  You can reach the security group root by clicking on "Security Groups" at the top of the Contents Pane.  It will have an icon of a globe next to it.

Managing a User's access: 

To see details about or edit an existing user, click on the 'Edit' icon to the right of the users email address (Notepad Icon).
In this section you can also edit the access that your users would have on the Booking System; for example: there are two options to check under User Details - "Booking Office" or "Customer" - these will have very different results.

Booking Office

If checked, this would recognise the user as a member of the booking team and grant them access to view the Bookings Module (if selected in their permissions).


If checked, this would recognise the user as a customer and attempt to log them into 'My Account' to find their ordered booking [see image below].

Therefore, if you want your staff to not get prompted with this message every time they go to log into the Booking system, make sure to un-check Customer and check Booking Office.

Changing a user's password

To change a user's password, find a user under the "Members" tab in the Editing Pane, and click on the "Edit" button. This should produce a pop-up window. 

Underneath the Email field in the User Details, there is a Change Password link. This will open up a password field and a confirm password field.  Change the password and confirm it (both must match) and hit "Save" on the bottom of the popup window.