Viewing submissions

You can view submissions to the field by clicking on the "Submissions" tab on the content page of the CMS. By default, all submissions are stored in the CMS. You can disable saving submissions to the server by clicking the checkbox labeled "Disable Saving Submissions to Server."

When the form is completed

You can create a "Form Received" or "Thank You" page by clicking on the "On Complete" tab in the Content tab in the Editing Pane of the form. This page will show to the user when the user successfully completes and submits a form.

Creating an email recipient

You can have submissions automatically emailed to an email address when someone submits a form, by clicking on the "Email Recipients" tab under the Content tab in the editing pane of the form, and clicking on "Add An Email Recipient." You can specify subject, from address, to address, and add text for the body of the form.

Note: both the "Send Email From" and "Send Email To" emails have to be valid email address, i.e. they must contain an "@" symbol e.g., otherwise the email recipient functionality will not work. 

Using this form, you can set up an automatic reply to any submission you receive, or have the CMS email someone within your organisation to look at. You can even do both by setting up two separate email recipients.