List Item Widget


It looks similar to all the above mentioned widgets, but allows you to have greater control over how you want to display your results, and where you want those results to come from. If you do not have the List Items Widget and have one of the above - but would like it, please contact us on the forums.

The List Item Widget is suitable for the following types:

  1. Activities
  2. Accommodation
  3. Extras
  4. Packages
  5. Locations
  6. Upcoming Schedules
  7. Venues

Reference Table


This appears on the tab of the tab. 
Item Type Select what type of item you wish to show. 
Show Results From Determines what pages or activities are shown in the results
Select List Item Template Here choose what template to show on the item, if left blank default template will be used. 
Display Listings As Choose to display results as a list or grid layout
Only show Activities marked as Featured Only show featured activities in the results
Only show Activities in a Category Only show activities from 1 category
Only show Activities on a Schedule Only show activities with schedules on a weekday or weekend
Only show Activities by tag Only show activities with certain tags, follow these instructions to impliment this.
Only show Activities with upcoming schedules Only show activities with forthcoming schedules
Order By You can choose to have default ordering, or you can order by the activites 'DisplayOrderNumber'.


'Show Results From' Reference Table


Brief Description

WholeSiteTree This will display every activity that is linked to a page in the site tree IF it is within the same category that you've selected as CATEGORY TO DISPLAY ACTIVITIES FOR.
SiteTreeBranchOnly This is will just show the item that was linked on the page you are on.
SiteTreeSubPages This will display the activitys that are linked to a the direct childpages (same as the previous version of the list activities widget).
RootPagesSubPages This will display all the pages that are subpages to that initial top-level/parent page.


List Item Widget: