Customer Testimonials Widget


If you use the customer feedback module (Purchaser Feedback) or have inserted your own feedback (Manual Purchaser Feedback), you might want to display the customer feedback widget. This widget displays the last 10 approved testimonials.

See images below for the difference between showing the testimonial widget on sidebar or within tabs.

Set up the Testimonials Widget

  1. Go To CONTENT > PAGES and open the relevant webpage
  2. Click the SIDEBAR tab
  3. Click the TESTIMONIALS widget.
  4. Choose how many Testimonials you want to display (1-10), and choose whether you want to testimonials to be based on the location/activity/both.
  5. Click SAVE & PUBLISH button (bottom right).

If you want to display feedback that is activity specific, choose 'source of testimonials' to be 'Activity', alternatively, if you wanted to show both location and activity specific feedback, then choose 'Both' from the same dropdown.


Customer Testimonials Sidebar Preview

Customer Testimonials Tabs Preview