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Custom Search Widget


The Search Widget can be added to display the search filters that you determine to be searchable by users.
The results can show either the activity's and their schedules/ or just the activitys.

How to setup this widget

To have a Search Widget you need to complete the following three steps:

  1. Go to ADMIN > DATA > SEARCH TYPE and Create a Search Type - use the configuration guide below
  2. Go to CONTENT > PAGES > Select Page > SIDEBAR and Add the Search Widget

The Search Type has 4 properties:

  1. Name - Used to identify the search type in the cms (when adding a widget)
  2. Show Results From - You can limit where the search widget gets its results from e.g. whole site tree, just a branch of the site tree, etc.
  3. Results Info Param - A CSV list of configuration options.
  4. Search Type - Activity or Schedule e.g. For Activity - if this is selected, then when the search is run, it will show only find activities that match the criteria; For Schedule - if this is selected, then when the search is run, it will find both activitys and their schedules that match the criteria.


Configuration Guide

Search Type also has a "Search Type Items" tab where you build the search form. The following field types are available:

Field Types



Always of type dropdown.

Activity Tag

Is a new custom field so ignores search type.


Always of type dropdown.
Unless Show Results From is set to SiteBranchOnly.

Group Size

Can be either a Number field or Select field. If its a select field you need to enter the options in the param field as a csv list

e.g. <10,10-20,20-30,30+.


Should always be a select field - Search the Activity Price.



Should always be a select field - Search the DurationMinutes or Duration Days of the activity (depending upon the time bands you enter - examples below).



Search by the Activity Category - Ignores the field type field, will allways create a dropdown of all categories.

Postcode & Distance

Search by the Location's Postcode - Post code and distance fields should allways be used together. Both fields should be of type text. Distance is the number of miles the activity should be available at from the post code.


Search Results Page

A search results page will need to be created in your CMS. You need to create a page, so when you click on the search button on the widget, it directs users to a Search Results page and to be able to add widgets to the side of the page. To do this:

  1. Go to CONTENT > PAGES > Create the Page type as a "Search Page".
  2. Give the META-DATA the URL [yoursiteaddress]"/searchresults" (without quotes).
  3. We recommend you add the SEARCH WIDGET to the SIDEBAR of the Search Results page

Custom Search Widget Preview: