Link Widget

Link Widget, for images


The Link Widget allows you to upload graphics which can then be displayed in the sidebar and linked to a webpage.

How to set up this widget

  2. Choose the WIDGETS folder. If the WIDGETS folder doesn't exist, create it.
  3. Click the UPLOAD tab
  4. Upload your image (must be 240px wide before you upload)
  5. Go To CONTENT > PAGES and open the relevant webpage
  6. Click the SIDEBAR tab
  7. Click the LINK WIDGET, which will now display on the right
  8. Choose the image you just uploaded
  9. Choose a page for the image to link to (NOTE: to like to an internal page user the "Page to link to:" dropdown to link to an external webpage please put the URL in the "Manual page" field)
  10. Click the SAVE AND PUBLISH button (bottom right)
Tip: If you need to resize your images, try this free online tool:


Link Widget Preview: