Sidebar Widgets


Sidebar widgets are available on the tabbed page and allow you to display interactive and dynamic content to your users. You can position the sidebar on the left, or the right of your page. Widgets can be dragged and dropped to display in the order you want on the page. Sidebar widgets must be 240px wide.

Available Widgets

Widget Name

Brief Description

More Info
Accommodation Search

For those clients using the accommodation module, you can initiate a search for properties or rooms using this accommodation search widget.

Click Here
Add this (Social Media) The Add This widget will allow your users to share the webpage url on their choice of social network.

Click Here
Booking Calendar The Booking Calendar widget will display realtime availability for your activities.

Click Here
Booking Calendar (Accommodation) The Booking Calendar widget will display realtime availability for reservations including accommodation, dwellings, rooms etc. Click Here
Content (BB Code)

Content V2 uses a basic version of BB Code, enabling you to add HTML type content into the sidebar.

Click Here
Child Items Sub Menu Displays a sub menu for all the direct child pages or same level pages that are published in the site tree. Click Here
Facebook Page Feed If you have a Facebook Page and regularly post status messages, then use the facebook widget.

Click Here
Flickr Photo Gallery This displays your flickr accounts photo set that you've selected to be displayed.  
From Only This allows you to enter a price that you want to display on the sidebar. Click Here
Ideal For Info Do you have specific audience groups and want them to click through to a landing page specifically for them? Then use this widget.

Join a Group Booking
The Join Group Booking Widget will allow customers to enter the booking reference to populate their basket with the same booking information.

Click Here
Link Widget for Graphics
The Link Widget allows you to upload graphics which can then be displayed in the sidebar and linked to a webpage.

Click Here
Search Widget The Search Widget can be added to display the search filters that you determine to be searchable by users. 
The results can show either the activity's and their schedules/ or just the activitys.
Click Here
Search bar (Website only) The search bar widget searches for web pages based on web page content only. Click Here
Shopping Basket The Shopping Basket widget will display the items the user has in their shopping basket as shown below.

Click Here
Testimonials This widget displays the last 10 approved testimonials.

Click Here
Twitter Feed The twitter feed widget shows your latest twitter feeds. Simply add in your account name.

Click Here
Weather Forecast The weather forecast widget will display Yahoo Weather forecast for the next 2 days for the place you enter.

Click Here
WordPress Blog Feed A blog feed from your wordpress news blog allowing you to display news within your website and booking software. Click Here


How to add a Sidebar Widget

  1. Go to the MAIN tab of the page
  2. Scroll to the bottom and change the SIDEBAR LOCATION to LEFT, RIGHT or NONE (to hide).
  3. Go to the SIDEBAR tab on your page
  4. Pick the widget you want from the left (Available Widgets) and it should appear on the right (Widgets Currently Used).
  5. Fill in the options on the widget.
  6. Press SAVE & PUBLISH and it will appear on the live site.