Tabbed Page

(For Activities, Locations and more)


Within your CMS Booking Software; A tabbed page allows you to manage your page content and display widgets in a number of different ways. It allows you to show activity or location specific information.

How to Create an Activity or Location Webpage:

One you have setup an activity or setup a location, you then need to create a webpage.

  1. Create a new tabbed page as a holding or landing page eg "Activities"
  2. Create a new tabbed page for each activity as a child page eg "Snowboarding"
  3. Link snowboarding to an activity or location
  4. Click 'Save and Publish'
  5. Create a List Item Widget on the landing page

Widgets and Plugins

The tabbed page has a number of widgets that appear in the Sidebar, Tabs and above or below the Tabs. For more information please follow these links:

  1. Sidebar Widgets
  2. Tab Widgets