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Redirecting pages


Sometimes you may wish to have various pages on your website, that use the same content. To save yourself from duplicating content around the website, you can simply have a page automatically redirect to a single page that you can keep updated. Redirector pages can also be used to redirect the user to a different page has changed URL.

Step 1 - Changing the page behavior

  1. Go to Content
  2. Select the page you want to redirect on the left
  3. Select the "Behavior" tab
  4. Change page type to "Redirector Page" and press Save

Step 2 - Setting up the redirect

  1. Go to the "Content" tab
  2. Select the "A page on your website" radio button and then selec the page from the "Page on your website" drop down. 
    Select the "Another website" radio button and enter the address you want the page to redirect to in the "Other website URL" field. 
  3. Save (to draft) or Save and Publish (to make live)