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Redeem Voucher Page


If your business sells vouchers through your booking system or through third party gift agents, then you might want to allow your customers to redeem those vouchers and book activities online.

How to Create your Redeem Voucher Page

In order to setup a redeem voucher page, please ensure you have completed the following:

  1. Set up internal and / or external GIFT AGENTS
  2. Set up GIFT VOUCHERS, if you intend to sell vouchers online
  3. Set up a PURCHASER TEMPLATE and check 'show on redeem voucher page' on the fields you want to appear on the voucher redemption form
  4. Go to CONTENT > PAGES and click the CREATE button
  5. Choose 'REDEEM VOUCHER PAGE' and click the GO button [see image below]. 
  6. Give the page a name e.g. 'Redeem Voucher'
  7. Optionally add page content to 'content' and 'left content area'
  8. Save and Publish

You may want to add a brief guide to explain to users the steps involved in redeeming their voucher, you can do this in the LeftColumn panel on your Redeem Voucher Page. (Note: If you don't see this panel as your Project Manager to activate it for you.)