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Multilingual Content


Multiple languages is not an automatic feature. If your system is configured for multiple languages, you can choose a language within the CMS and create new individual pages.

When the user selects the new language on the website, they will see the structure and content of the new website.

How to translate Activity and Extra Languages

For every activity, you should have an ACTIVITY VIEW page created, allowing you to translate web page content.

However to modify the booking an extra data during the booking process, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to ADMIN
  2. Go to the ACTIVITES module.
  3. Open an Activity.
  4. Click on the ACTIVITY LOCALE DATA tab.
  5. Enter the title and description here.

How to translate Order FAQs

As per the standard method of entering Order FAQs, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to PAGES
  2. Select the Site Config icon / page.
  3. Change the language.
  4. Open the Order FAQs tab.
  5. Enter the translated data.

How to translate Email Content

This is currently not possible in BookingLive. We recommend you provide users with minimal email content and if required, containing your additional languages.