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Manage Your Pages


There are many different types of pages in your booking system, each with its own functionality and purpose. By now you already know how to create a basic page. It is also possible to change a page from one page type to another. The following pages are commonly found in BookingLive:

  • Tabbed Page
  • Confirmation
  • Error
  • Gallery
  • Home Page
  • Questionnaire
  • Redeem Voucher
  • Redirector
  • Sitemap
  • Terms and Conditions
  • User Defined Form

We have tried our best to ensure when you copy and paste content within the HTML editable areas (known as TinyMCE) does not copy the formatting. This only adds horrible HTML code to your content. There are 2 methods to help, using the 'paste as plain text' icon and an online data convertor.

  1. Copy the data or information you need (CTRL+C)
  2. Log on to the CMS and navigate to the area you want to paste and move your cursor to the desired area 
  3. Click the paste as plain text icon 
  4. Paste your content in the Pop-Up (CTRL+V)
  5. Click INSERT
  6. Click SAVE at the bottom right 

How to make a page Admin Only

Click the "Access" tab of the page, here you can set who can view edit and publish this page.

How to edit pages that appear on your main navigation bar

Go to Content>Pages, and for each page you wish to appear on the main navigation bar of your site make sure the "Show in menus?" checkbox on the "Behavior" Tab is ticked. after doing this go into all the other top level pages and make sure that they have this field unchecked.