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Marketing Permission


On the Billing Page of the Booking Process, customers can un-check a checkbox (seen below) to opt out of being contacted for marketing purposes.

On this manual page, we look at how you can find who these results, and how you can use them.

Note: you can edit the text for this billing page box using the Language String Editor and editing the "BillingPageSSRecieveNoInfoCheckBox" variable.



Where to find Marketing Permission

  2. On the Search Filter on the left, choose whether you want to filter the marketing permissions by YES/NO or ANY.


Mailchimp Note: If you have signed up to Mailchimp, and added the required settings to BookingLive (found here)you will be able to login to Mailchimp and see a list of all the customers that are on your marketing mailing list that have un-checked the checkbox on the billing page.


How to export the results

  1. Stay on BOOKINGS > PURCHASER, with your filtered results e.g. YES/NO or ANY (selected for "Marketing Permission").
  2. Click SELECT ALL at the top of the results, or click the checkboxes next to each item to choose which ones you want to use.
  3. Click the EXPORT TO CSV button at the bottom of the results, to download an excel spreadsheet.