BookingLive: Online Booking System

Manage Internal Vouchers


This can be done in two ways, either:

  • Go to "Booking" and click the booking you want to view so you can see the summary of that booking.
  • Then click the "booking items" tab.
  • From the list of Booking Items you can click the edit button (it looks like a notepad) on the voucher that you want to view/edit.

Or you can view it like this:

  • Go the "Booking" and on the drop down menu in the side bar on the left, select the "Voucher Issued" option.
  • This will then display a list of all the internal vouchers that have been purchased using the bookinglive system. 
  • You can then click the voucher you wish to view/edit. 

When you are viewing the voucher you can change any details such as the expiry date or status, clicking the "Save" button to save to options.