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How to edit a booking

You can edit the booking in 3 ways:

  1. Basic Rescheduling
  2. Simple Edit (Customer Details)
  3. Super Edit/Rescheduling (Activity/Dates/Participants)


Reschedule an Item on a Booking

  1. Open the BOOKINGS module.
  2. Click the BOOKING REFERENCE of the booking you wish to edit.
  3. Select the BOOKING ITEMS tab and click the notepad icon on the right of the table, of the booking item you which to reschedule.
  4. Select from the CHANGE SCHEDULE DATE drop down select a reschedule date. 
    Note: the number of schedules shown in this dropdown is limited to searching days 10 into the future by default but this can be changed by setting the "NumberOfDaysToLookForRescheduleOptions" Config Item (shown below) in ADMIN > CONFIG > COMPANY INFO > COMPANY INFO CONFIG ITEMS.
  5. If you wish to send an email to the purchaser with the amended booking on it you must also check the SEND RESCHEDULE EMAIL TO CLIENT box.
    Note: You must add a Message to the ADMIN > CONFIG > MESSAGES section of the type BOOKING ITEM RESCHEDULED MESSAGE, which will be the the email sent out when this box is ticked. We advise inputting the content to be very similar to the confirmation message but saying "your booking has been amended, please see your new booking below":
  6. Then Click SAVE at the bottom of the window.
    When saved, the schedule will be switched, an email sent (if you checked the box) and a booking note will be added to the booking saying the schedule has been switched.

Simple Edit (used for editing basic information - a name, email address etc)

  1. Open the "Bookings" module.
  2. There are several options (if given permission with SECURITY > SECURITY GROUPS) that you have, firstly find the booking you want to edit and click into it:
    - Booking Status: You can change the status of a booking e.g. from 'Completed' to 'Cancelled' (Main Tab).
    - Transaction Type: e.g from 'Cash' to 'Card' (Transactions > Notepad Icon)
    - Participant Details: (Booking Items > Notepad Icon > Participants tab > Notepad Icon)
    - Purchaser Details: (Purchaser Tab > Notepad Icon)
    - Re-sending Confirmation Email: (Emailing Tab > "Resend Confirmation Email Message"; and/or "Resend only to Additional Emails" - enter email in "Additional Email Addresses"; click Save to send to purchaser).


Super Edit (used for editing previous /or booking additional course, adding another participant etc)

  1. Open the BOOKINGS module.
  2. Find the booking and click the  super edit icon.
  3. This will open a new browser window on the home page with the booking (that was originally purchased) in the basket.
  4. Click REMOVE Booking; then hit the CONTINUE SHOPPING button - this will start the booking from the beginning (but SuperEdit will remember the Personal Details of the customer) - Select the activity/or date the customer now wants.
    Note: If the CONTINUE SHOPPING button doesn't appear on your screen then you must still click REMOVE Booking. Then click onto a page on the site where you can choose a booking e.g. Activities page, or Home page. Now select the date/activity the customer wants/needs changed.
  5. Complete the booking process as you would normally. The customer details will already be in the basket and the cost difference between the old booking will be recognised (e.g. if the price of the activity is the same - no additional payment will be asked for; if the price is different then the customer should be prompted with a refund if overpaid (by admin staff) or asked to pay the outstanding amount.
  6. When you hit COMPLETE on the final stage of the booking process, the original booking in the BOOKINGS module (within the CMS) will be replaced with the newly made booking (and new order ref number) - the customer will then get automatically sent an email confirmation with the new booking details.