BookingLive: Online Booking System

How to cancel and refund a booking

How to cancel a Booking

You cannot delete a booking. You can however, cancel a booking.

  1. Open the BOOKINGS module.
  2. Find the required booking, open it and change the STATUS of the drop down to CANCELLED.
  3. Note: when the booking status changes to "Cancelled", the schedule space (slot) used will be available again and any voucher code will be deleted.


How to refund a booking

Refunds can only be performed when a booking has taken an online transaction.

  1. Open the BOOKINGS module.
  2. Find the booking, open it and click the refund button.
  3. Within the popup, specify the amount and click REFUND.
  4. Alternatively - you will have a refund icon on the search results of the bookings module.

Note: Sagepay are the only payment gateway that currently automatically link with BookingLive and will refund the amount requested. If you're not with Sagepay -you'll need to login to your provider account and refund the customer there."


Note: To refund a Cash Booking, please click on the Booking Reference and click the TRANSACTIONS [tab], then click ADD TRANSACTION, and select CASH and the amount that you have refunded. Click SAVE to complete.