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Weekly Programme

Once a booking is confirmed, this module allows you to open that booking, assign activities and create a timetable which can be sent to the customer.

Note: the weekly programme should only be sent when a booking is confirmed.
All documentation, correspondence, quotes etc. between quote and confirmed is manual and outside of BookingLive.

Note: if you change anything within the confirmed booking eg numbers, it will revert back to "quote" status.
This is also applicable if the customer logs in and edits the enquiry.


To view the weekly plan go to Groups > Activity Assignment

Blue = A schedule (eg 10am, lunch, 2pm and night)
Green = A booking item

You can create schedules for a maximum number of participants or based on number of staff available for each activity.
Schedules should be done for duration of activities eg 10am - 11.30am.

Weekly Programme 

The weekly programme displays all schedules and the activities within those schedules.

Each activity displays (left to right): group name (as entered on the popup when an activity is dropped onto the schedule), number of people, activity name.

Note: there is some validation when assigning activities. Eg if the schedule has limited slots available, it wont allow you enter a larger number of people AND you cannot assign activities to dates outside of the date from and to that was on the enquiry/booking.


How to Assign Activities

To assign activities to confirmed bookings, you first must ensure schedules have been create. 


  1. Go to Groups > Activity Assignment
  2. Click the search field
  3. Within the popup, search for the relevant booking and select the booking reference
  4. The booking and activities are then displayed.
    Note: preferred activities are shown on left that were selected during enquiry. Non-selected activities but that were available are shown below these
  5. You can now drag and drop the activities (green) onto the available schedules (blue)


Send a Weekly Programme to the Customer

To send to the customer, you produce a rendered pdf merge tag which is embedded within a message template.