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Setup Enquiry Forms


The following section will describe how to create the enquiry forms.

1) Create a Group Template

This allows you to define the data captured on the enquiry form.

  1. Go to Admin > Data > Group Template
  2. Create the enquiry form data you wish to capture excluding the purchaser (enquirer) and participant details
  3. Note: to assign an "activity preference", go to admin > data > activity, and check "Selectable As Preference"
  4. Then go to admin > data > group template, add type 'activity preferences' and check the activities to show on the template

2) Demographic Group

This section of the form will tell you who the attendees are. For example you might need to know you have 5 staff and 10 females aged 11-18, 2 of whom have disabilities. 

  1. Go to Admin > Data > Demographic Group

Note: if you wish to display demographics on the group booking enquiry form, please ensure you add the item 'DemographicDetails' into the 'group template' (step 1)


3) Create a Group Activity

  1. Go to admin > data > group activity
  2. Create the activity for the form that will capture the initial enquiry details


4) Create Group Booking Seasons

This is where you allocate the cost per person based on the duration they are staying at that time of year.
For example in peak season, you may charge a child £50 for 3 days and £70 for 5 days. Off peak prices will be different.

  • Go to Admin > Data > Group Booking Season
  • Create group booking season, enter date from and to. Click 'add' button
  • Enter the rates for each variation of day and price (see below)

Please note, when completing the enquiry form, if you have not created an entry for 'start day' on the day they select, they will not be able to select the departure day.


5) Review your Purchaser Template

This is displayed at the top of the enquiry form. How to edit your purchaser template


Item Description

The following table describes the fields available.

Tab Description
GroupName Name of the Group Booking
Demographic Details Set of fields depending on the Demographic Group (eg. Number of staff, Number of females, disabled etc ...)
Dietary Requirements Brief description and number of people concerned
Arrival Time Arrival Date and Time for the Group Booking
Departure Time Departure Date and Time depending of the Group Booking Season Rates
Bar Reservations Date of bar Reservation and possibilty to select soft drinks and licensed bar
Activity Preferences Activity preferences for the Group booking (Use Activities selectable as preferences)
Extra Field Number of people wishing the Extra (Cofee, Tea, lunch ...) Need to be link to an Extra
Guest Requiring Accommodation Number of guests Requiring Accommodation
Average Age Average age of group participants
Departure Time Day Booking Departure Time for Day Booking only 
Total Number of Participants Total number of participants (updated automatically by the number of people add in the Demographic Details)