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Export Booking Data


The BookingLive CMS lets you export various data about the bookings made on the system. The data is exported as a "comma seperated value" or "CSV" file which is the standard format for large data files and can be imported to excel.

 Export Purchaser infomation

You can export all the information about the purchaser that the system collects when they are making a booking by going to the bookings tab and then selecting "Purchaser" on the side menu.

You can then filter the purchasers by searching for the purchasers details you wish to export using the search menu. So you could for example search for all the purchasers that have given you "marketing permission" and use that list to send out a advertising email.

Once you have searched for the purchers you want simply click the "Export to CSV" button (circled in red in the image below) to download a CSV file of all those purchasers.

Note: If you wish to export all the purchasers details you have searched for select the "Use Query" radio button, which is located above the table of information before clicking "Export to CSV".

 Export Purchaser Data for Mailchimp

To export data for Mailchimp you must click the "select results columns..." text in the search bar and untick all the boxes except for "first name", "surname" and "email address" then search for all the purchasers with marketing permission set to "yes". In the main content area of the CMS you should now see the a list of purchaser with the columns fist name, surname and email. If so click the export to CSV button towards the bottom of the screen. 

You can now import this CSV file streight into Mailchimp using the "Upload a file" button on the import page of a Mailchimp subscribers list.