In this section you will learn how to manage your bookings.

Bookings Module

Below is a screen shot of the bookings module. You can search and filter for bookings using the search criteria on the left.

Bookings Shortcuts

A number of shortcut icons can be enabled on your system as defined below.

Icon Name Description
View Booking This allows you to open information, but in a 'Read Only' form.
Booking Summary This gives a quick summary of the Booking Reference, Purchaser and Status of the booking.
Edit This indicates an item can be edited, clicking this often yields a popup with edit fields.
Super Edit This sends you back into the booking process to edit a booking where, You can change details about the previous booking such as date/time/participants/add more courses.


The process takes a copy of the selected booking and places it in a new basket within the booking prcess.  While editing the basket content there are two bookings - one completed, safe, in the  admin - and the pending booking being edited.  

For more information on Super Edit, please click here.

Refund This allows a refund of a booking. If you use Sagepay as a Payment Gateway, then this is an automatic process.

Additional Payment This allows you to make an additional payment against a booking in the system.

If you have a Payment Gateway integrated, then this payment can be directed through a gateway e.g. Credit Card.

Rebook This creates a new pending booking (new order reference number) using the existing customer's purchaser details.  The initial booking (and purchaser details) are unaffected in any way by the new booking.

This could be used to make a booking for a regular customer after searching for a previous booking of theirs. Please do not confuse this with a super edit - which alters the existing booking.

Print Participants Under BOOKINGS > BOOKING ITEM, you can print all the participants for that booking item.
Super Add You are sent to a fresh basket, where you can't change any previously entered purchaser/participant details, and whatever is purchased is then attached to the original booking (these new participant details can be edited)

Bookings Status

Each booking has a booking status as defined below.

Name Description
Pending This is when a booking is being made - someone is adding items to a basket and billing page. The system auto-expires these bookings after a period of inactivity.
WaitingPayment  This is a status of a booking - this means that the booking is still pending and at this point the customer is on the hosted credit card form entering their details.

The system will automatically set this to expired once the booking session time has expired.

Aborted  User exiting process during booking process
Provisional The same as complete but it is noted there was no payment. The customer still receives the Confirmation Email Messages.
Cancelled A booking that has been cancelled. Not rebookable by the customer.
RebookableCancelled  The bookings in this state can be rebooked by the customer through the myaccount section. 
Combined This means a booking can be made and combined onto another one. When this happens the pending booking becomes "combined" and the items/transactions get put onto the target booking.

Booking Data

There is a large amount of data held against a booking as defined below. This is available to you when a booking is opened within the bookings module.

Tab Data Description
Main Order Reference Number The unique booking reference number e.g. BLL-234-SBC; this can be customized here.
  Date Booked The date the booking was made; Format - (YYYY/MM/DD).
  Customer Details Full Name, Full Address, Contact Number, Email Address.
  Staff Member Who made the booking e.g. the name of the profile of the user who made the booking. 
  Booking Summary This gives a summary of the booking, who booked, what they booked etc
  Total Payable Now The amount the customer has still left to pay.
  Status Shows whether the booking is complete, cancelled, pending, etc
Transactions Order Reference Number The unique booking reference number
  Booking Status Shows whether the booking is complete, cancelled, pending, etc
  Date The date of the transaction.
  Type The type of payment: card, cash, goodwill etc
  Status Shows whether the transaction was Accepted (Completed) or Failed (Aborted).
  Amount Text The amount that has been paid within that transaction.
Booking Items Booking Order Reference Number The unique booking reference number
  Date The date of the scheduled booking activity/course
  Type The type of booking made eg Activity, Voucher, etc.
  CMS Description The internal name of the booking item
  Cost Text The price of a booking
  Participants Information about the participant
  Extra Property Name A list of any extras purchased with this booking item
Booking Note Created The date that a booking note was created
  Type The type of note eg Admin note, Customer note
  Name The name of the person who created the note
  Note The booking note made
  Booking Order Reference Number The unique booking reference number
  Booking Status Shows whether the booking is complete, cancelled, pending, etc
  Booking Date Booked The date the booking was made; Format - (YYYY/MM/DD).
Purchaser First Name The first name of the purchaser
  Surname The surname of the purchaser
  Telephone The telephone number of the purchaser
  Email The email address of the purchaser
  Dob The date of birth of the purchaser
  Marketing Permission Text Whether marketing permission is given
Emailing Additional Email Addresses A new address to resend emails too - to enter more than one, comma separate the email addresses.
  Message Dropdown to choose the message to send.
  Resend Confirmation Email  Resends all emails after clicked save
  Resend Only to Additional Emails Resends all additional emails after clicked save