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Staff TOIL


Staff TOIL allows you to calculate how much time off in lieu your staff receive.

Once your staff are setup, you define the staff rota rules (different characters entered have different meanings). eg code W could allocate x days toil on Weekdays


Setup Staff TOIL

  1. Prerequisities: Ensure staff are setup 
  2. Set any staff unavailability under ADMIN > STAFFING > STAFF MEMBER > (open a staff) > Staff Availability [tab]
  3. Create the Staff Rota Rules under ADMIN > STAFFING > STAFF ROTA RULE (see below)


Name Description
Code The code used within the Staff Toil Rota
Number TOILWeek how many days toil you get on a weekday
Number TOILWeekend how many days toil you get on a weekend
Number TOILBank how many days toil you get on a bank holidays
Is Work Code Define whether the staff member is available for work or not

Times These define what the working hours are

When the staff rota rules are defined you can calculate toil by going to GROUPS > STAFF ROTA AND TOIL.

Enter the codes and hit 'save' to update the totals.