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This module covers the diffrent element behind Staffing including how to assign staff (instructors etc) to schedules. 

Setup your staff

  1. Go to the STAFFING module > STAFF MEMBER
  3. Enter all the information including optional information: attributes (First Aid, Mini Bus Licence) and assesments (qualifications etc)
  4. Click the ADD button (bottom right).

(If you want members of this group to log in, perform this step too - )
  1. Go to the SECURITY
  2. Click on CREATE GROUP  with name of role you want to add -add any staff member users you want performing this role to this group.
  3. Edit the user and you should be able to select the staff member to link it to.
  4. Click the ADD button (bottom right).



Setup staff attribute items 

Staff Attribute Item is the individual skill/attribute that a member of staff has accumulated that can be of use.
  1. Go to the STAFFING module and select the drop down 
  2. Click on "Staff attribute item"
  3. Click on "Create Staff attribute item"
  4. Enter the information required 


Setup Staff Attribute Sets 

Group of staff relating to an activity that have the same permissions/skillset
  1. Go to the STAFFING module and select the drop down 
  2. Click on "Staff attribute set"
  3. Click on "Create Staff attribute set "
  4. Enter the information onscreen and remember to attach the activity using the dropdown.


Setup the Roles

You will need to enter the roles they are responsible for such as instructor, staff co-ordinator etc.

  1. Go to the "STAFFING" module
  2. Click on "Staff Role"
  3. Click on "Create Staff Role"
  4. Fill in the required information, if a schedule MUST have one of these then select 'schedule must have exactly one' and click SAVE. 


Add the Staff Member to a SCHEDULE

Ensure the schedule has the following selected:

  1. Go to the "ADMIN" module
  2. Click on "Schedule"
  3. Then click on the schedule you want to add the staff member to
  4. Under the Staff Group Member tab you can select the specific staff member(s) who will operate this schedule.
Click on Add Staff Member, select the name from the drop down, add their Role and save.

Note: Staff Groups are obsolete on recent BookingLive systems, but will continue to work and be supported on systems that already have them set up.

(Should add any necessary StaffMembers before this is done)

For staff :

  1.  Staffgroup must be selected or every ScheduleMustHaveExactlyOne' role must be filled.
  2.  If there are no ScheduleMustHaveExactlyOne roles, staffgroup can be ignored.

For inventory:

Every inventory set up in config as compulsory for every schedule is added as a drop-down field.