BookingLive: Online Booking System

Voucher Redemption Issues

When redeming vouchers the value might be, unexpectedly, for £0.

The is mainly down to the rules of what locations, activites and days of the week that the voucher has been configured for.

When this occurs you can determine the reason for the value because there is a section within transaction that describes the reason that the voucher was assigned the value it was.

  1. Please start a new booking, redeem the voucher, add the activity and progress to the basket page.
  2. Swtich to the Booking Admin and search for provisional bookings and find the one that you are currently in progress with.  If you are looking for a completed booking then you can jump straight to that booking skipping the previous steps.
  3. Open this and examine the Amount Desc (as I've highlighted) to explain why this did not match.
  4. You can then update the voucher (Extra) details as required and repeat the above until you see accepted.



Note - Unfortunately this isn't present when the voucher is removed from the basket - but you can find this information fromthe above by creating a pending booking, that can be left to expire without completing.