BookingLive: Online Booking System

Update Voucher PDF

To update the PDF of a gift voucher you must first locate the voucher, do this either by:

  • Going to BookingsTab>Voucher Issued and select the voucher you want to update, 


  • Going to BookingsTab>Booking and search for the voucher code in the "VoucherCode" search box, then select the booking and click on the "booking items" tab, then click the edit icon on the voucher booking item. And finally click the voucher issued tab in the popup window, and click the editing icon on the voucher. 


  1. Now that you are viewing the voucher you can update any field you need to however we would advise you leave the voucher code as it is. 
  2. After you have changed all the fields you wish you need to check the "update voucher" box, and click the save button at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. To view the updated voucher click the blue coucher code link just below the "Activity Expiry Date" field. (as shown below)

Note: After a internal voucher setting has been changed by your account manager at Booking Live you may need to update any voucher PDF you want updating to the new configuration by computing step 3 in the above instructions.