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In this section, learn how to:

  1. Create your Groupon Gift Agent
  2. Create Groupon Activity Vouchers
  3. Import your Groupon Voucher Codes

Already set up a Redeem Voucher Page?

When it comes to setting up Groupon Activity Vouchers, you firstly want to ensure that you've already created a Redeem Voucher Page (so that customers can redeem the vouchers once they have been created and codes imported). If you haven't done so already, then please click here.

Created a Gift Agent for Groupon yet?

If you haven't already, you must create a Gift Agent to display as a drop-down option for your customers to choose Groupon to redeem vouchers. (A Gift Agent is a compant that sell voucher for your business on your behalf, such as Groupon, or Red Letter Day)

  1. Go to ADMIN > CONFIG
  3. Click the CREATE GIFT AGENCIES button
  4. Fill in the Gift Agent details.

NOTE: Only one Gift Agent is needed per third party agency. Please make sure that you select the "Requires Security Code" for the Groupon Gift Agent, so customers enter their Security Code (when they select Groupon on the Redeem Voucher Page) and for your business to retain those codes.

Have you created a Extra Category for Agency Vouchers?

Thirdly, you must create an Extra Category to be able to categorize the agency vouchers differently to your internal vouchers/extras e.g.


Create Groupon Activity Vouchers  

Create an Activity Voucher in ADMIN > ACTIVITY VOUCHERS and put the vouchers in the category representing Agency Vouchers / Gift Agents (that you created above).

NOTE: Make sure that the Activity Voucher has: a Name, Website Name (showing on website), Description, Redemption Description, From Date & To Date, Price, and Cash Price (the price that gets deducted from their basket).


Make sure the Activity Voucher is in the 'type' - "Activity Voucher", is set to "Active", and you have ticked which "Redeemable Activities" and "Redeemable Locations" the voucher is related to.

Do the same for all the remaining Groupon Activity Voucher's you have being sold.


Importing Groupon's Voucher Codes

Now the Activity Voucher has been created, you need to import the voucher codes into ADMIN > CONFIG > AGENCY VOUCHER ISSUED.

Your Groupon voucher codes must be saved as a CSV file with the 3 headings (shown below).
[What is a CSV File?]

ExtraName must be the name of the Voucher as it appears in your system e.g. "Groupon iPhoneography Course (Activity Voucher)".
AgencyName must be the same as the Gift Agent's 'Name' as it appears in your system e.g. "Groupon".

Select the "CHOOSE FILE" button to find your CSV file from your Computer with your GIFT AGENTS voucher codes on.

Once you've selected the file and it's been recognised on AGENCY VOUCHER ISSUED - click the "IMPORT FROM CSV" button to import the voucher codes to be made redeemable.

How would it look like?

Now that you have setup the Gift Agents and Activity Vouchers, the Activity Vouchers are in their respective Extra Category, and the voucher codes have been saved and imported as a CSV file (displaying the codes in AGENCY VOUCHER ISSUED) - your Activity Vouchers can be redeemed on by customers on the Redeem Voucher Page.


NOTE: Customers would enter their Voucher Code (that you imported in AGENCY VOUCHER ISSUED), SECURITY CODE (only they have obtained), First Name & Surname (this can be removed by un-ticking the Purchaser Template item boxes from "Showing on Redeem Voucher Page")