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Gift Vouchers

Note: To enable Vouchers, you will need to enable the config setting 'ExtraShowAll' and contact BookingLive.

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  • Learn how to create a Voucher (activity or cash)

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How to Create Vouchers

First, you must create a Gift Agent to be able to link the vouchers to the Gift Agents details e.g. "Living Social". 

Second, you must create a Extra Category to be able to categorize the vouchers e.g. "Internal Vouchers", and/or "External Gift Agent Vouchers".

Once you've created a category you can create your Voucher (Activity/Cash Voucher).

  1. Go to ADMIN > ACTIVITY VOUCHERS (or cash vouchers)
    Note: If you do not have Activity and/or Cash Vouchers under ADMIN on your system then please contact support.
  2. Click the CREATE EXTRA button
  3. Complete the information required as shown in the voucher reference guide below.
  4. Click the ADD button.

Note: once you save the voucher, more fields will be added depending upon the TYPE of voucher you selected, to please review below what is recommended.



Gift Agency Vouchers

If you want customers to be able to redeem your third party gift agent vouchers, you will need to complete the same process (as above).

However make sure to name the External Vouchers differently to your internal ones e.g. "Virgin - Snowboarding Voucher".


Voucher Reference Table



This is the internal name only (you use this name when importing voucher codes) Y
Display Name This is the customer facing extra name. Y
Description This is the sales description to customers. Optional
Redemption Description This description appears on the activity list item on the redeem voucher page when the customer redeems this voucher.  Optional
Previous Price A strikethrough appears above the Price (below) when displaying extras Optional
Price This is the price visible to purchaser for the customer/admin Y
Cash Value Set Cash Value to be amount that the redeemed voucher is worth on another activity if there are no available schedules for this particular redeemed activity Optional
Expired Cash Value Is the value of the voucher when its expired - set to £0 if you don't want the voucher to be worth anything when it expires. Optional
Dates The Date From / Date To - is the time period set of when you can buy this voucher online. Y
Activities Adding activities here will add the voucher to be display on the Booking Page for the selected activities. Not to be confused with Redeemable Activities - see below. Optional
Locations The locations that you can buy this voucher at. Optional
Include for all Activities Adds this extra to all activities when on the booking page. Optional
Valid for Days Set how many days from the purchase of the voucher until it expires and cannot be used. Y
Fixed Expiry Date You can set a fixed expiry date in the future for when all of these purchased vouchers will expire automatically. Optional
Custom Email Text Here you can enter more information about this specific voucher, which is automatically added to the customer's confirmation email message. See more on custom email text here Optional
Notify Email Enter an email address (comma separated for more than one) - to get notified when this voucher is purchased. Optional
Days of the Week What days of the week (schedules) these vouchers can be redeemed against. Y
ValidTimeStart/End The time slots that customers can choose schedules to range between. Y
Redeemable Activities What activities can be redeemed against this one voucher (a voucher can only be linked to one activity - so make sure the activity is the same value as the voucher) Y
Status Can be set to ACTIVE or HIDDEN. Active - means the voucher is available and visible on the website to buy; Hidden - is not available to buy. Y
Type For Vouchers this should be set to CASH VOUCHER or ACTIVITY VOUCHER. Y
Is In Tin Indicates that the voucher will NOT be delivered online via email, but instead will be sent via post. Make sure you have a Voucher Recipient Template assigned to this voucher with Shipping Costs and Address details. Optional
Is Admin Only Available to purchase by Admin staff only. Optional
Apply VAT  Adds 20% VAT onto the booking for this voucher Optional
Image URL This is where you can add a small thumbnail picture of the activity that relates to this voucher. The image must be 110 x 110 px Optional
Extra Category Must be assigned a Extra Category e.g. "Internal Vouchers" or "External Gift Agencies" Y
Voucher Recipient Template This is the voucher equivalent of the activity Participant Template - it's allows you to set what details you want to add onto the voucher. Y
Confirmation Email PDF You can attach a document or pdf to the confirmation email message that a purchaser receives once they buy this voucher. This document will only attach when this specific voucher is purchased - therefore it gives you the ability to enter more information that you may have to give to customers. Optional