BookingLive: Online Booking System

Download or Edit an existing Voucher

In this section you will find out how to Download an existing voucher from a booking, edit the existing voucher and obtain the new one.
  1. Go to Bookings in the top Admin menu. Find the booking with the voucher you want to download or edit
  2. Click to open the booking 
  3. Go to Booking Items (3rd Tab). Here you will find a list of the vouchers created with the booking
  4. Open for Edit the voucher you are interested in
  5. On Voucher Issued Tab, click on Edit (Notepad and pen)
  6. In the opened window locate the link to the voucher under Activity expiry date. If you wish to edit the voucher, please make the changes on this window, then click Update PDF at the bottom of the page and Save. The voucher will be updated.
  7. The link in the Edit window opens the PDF with you voucher. You can right click and Save As... if you want to download the PDF

Link to the existing voucher

Update PDF

Save the voucher