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Venue Outlook View


The Venue Outlook View is a module within BookingLive that allows you to display and manage your venue bookings in a weekly view.

You can also filter the bookings to the Venues that you want to manage the bookings for.

If you're venue has a 'Cleaning Period' set - then this appears on the Venue Outlook View in yellow squares.

Note: you cannot drag and drop the bookings or click on an empty space to make a new booking.


How to Edit Bookings in Venue Outlook View

You can edit the bookings and customer information by clicking on the blue booking squares - which represents several options available such as:

  • Super Edit - change as much or as little of the booking e.g. purchaser name, reschedule to another date/time, or add on further booking items. Click here for more.
  • Transactions - to view the transactions made on the booking e.g. in this example it would be "Cash £102".
  • Booking Items - view the booking items associated with the booking e.g in this example it would be "15/09/2013 at 11:00 to 11:45 for 30 Minute Simulator Session"
  • Booking Note - Add any booking related notes e.g. "marking this down as payed by cash, but customer is paying by cheque".
  • Purchaser - Edit the Purchaser Details such as Billing Address, Name, Email etc.
  • Emailing - resend the confirmation email or another message to just Purchaser OR additional email addresses.
  • Refund - enter the amount you wish to refund the customer and click SAVE (this is only for Card Payments, click here for Cash Refunds)