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Displaying VenueHireType Vouchers


To display your VenueHireType Vouchers, you use the List Item Widget. 

However you must have created the vouchers first, before you can display them - if you haven't created the vouchers, click here to find out more.


Create Main Gift Vouchers Tabbed Page

  2. Choose where you want this page to be created e.g. Click on your site config (company name) next to the image of the globe in your site tree if you want it to be a main page.
    Click CREATE, select the TABBED PAGE, click GO.
  3. Give your main venue landing page a NAME and NAVIGATION LABEL (automatically same as name) e.g. "Gift Vouchers" (example is below).
  4. Click SAVE & PUBLISH

Add Extra List Item Widget

  1. Go to the TABS [tab] on your main venue page and add the LIST ITEM WIDGET (linking to EXTRA's).
  2. Click SAVE & PUBLISH

Create sub-pages linked to Venue(s)

  1. Create sub-pages for all the Vouchers that you want to display on your website. For example: "30 Minute Simulator Session"
  2. On these sub-pages - there is a ATTACH ITEM TYPE dropdown (see below), make sure its assigned to EXTRA - and the "Select an Item" is linked to your each of your VenueHireType Vouchers(s).
  3. Click SAVE & PUBLISH

Note: It's important to link the sub-pages to their vouchers to be able to display the vouchers to customers.