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Linking Hire Types to Venues (Venue Hire Type)


Venue Hire Type (VHT) is a section within Venues that lets you assign a Hire Type to a Venue.

This is found by going to ADMIN > DATA > VENUE HIRE TYPE.

Note: you can also set the venue hire type by going to the Venue itself e.g. ADMIN > DATA > VENUE > VENUE HIRE TYPE [tab]. Both methods have the same result.


How to link Hire Types to a Venue(s) using VHT

  2. Reference the table below for the required fields to enter on Venue Hire Type (notably: Duration, Rate, Venue, Hire Type).
  3. Click SAVE.

Note: you will need to repeat the steps above if you have the same Hire Type(s) to be assigned to more than one Venue (see below for reference: "30 Minute Simulator Session" Hire Type is assigned to Venues: Sim Room 1 + Sim Room 2).


Reference Guide

The following reference guide should be used for Venue Hire Types.




Display Description n/a -
Duration Duration of the Hire Type assigned to this Venue e.g. 30 Minute Simulator Session - then Duration is '30'. Mandatory
Cleaning Period Minutes The length of time that is added on to the Venue Hire Type that makes the Venue unavailable to be booked. -
Deposit Percent The percentage amount of the Rate that the customer is allowed to pay when booking. -
NotifyEmail Send an email to this email address when the Venue Hire Type is purchased -
Custom Email Text Text that is included in the confirmation email when the Venue Hire Type is purchased -
Custom Booking Text Text that appears on the booking page for customers to see extra information off the Venue Hire Type -
Capacity n/a -
Rate The cost of using that Hire Type in the assigned Venue for that Duration. Mandatory
Venue Set which Venue the Hire Type can be used against. If more than one, then create one Venue Hire Type for each Venue. Mandatory
Hire Type Set which Hire Type(s) the Venue has available to be booked.  Mandatory
Venue Prerequisites Add / Remove the Venue Prequisites that are specific to this particular Venue Hire Type. -
Groups Set this if you want only certain groups to be able to book this Venue Hire Type e.g. "Members A" or "Admin Only (no customers)"