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Creating Venues


Venues are the place that your Hire Types (products/sessions/courses) are sold and/or held at.

Currently all BookingLive systems only allow one Venue to be booking at a time; however we can enable multiple venues on a single booking - to request this, please contact your Account Manager.

Furthermore, currently - all systems don't allow the venue to be booking on the same day as the date of booking. Your Account Manager can also change this if requested.


How to Setup Venues

  • Main - Enter Venue Name/Description
  • Opening Hours - Set Venue Availability
  • Hire Types - Link venue specific items available


Main - Venue Name/Description

The MAIN tab is for basic setup of the Venue. Please see the reference table below for details on each of the fields available.

Main Tab Reference Guide

The following reference guide should be used for creating Venues.




Name A public facing name for your Venue. Mandatory
Admin Name A internal facing name for your Venue - you could also use this for noting the staff members assigned to this Venue. -
Display Description n/a -
Brief Description The brief description appears when using the List Item Widget to display Venues -
Allow Deposits Tick this box if you wish to allow customers to pay by Deposit. The Deposit Percent is set on the Venue Hire Type. -
Advance Booking Notice Hours Set this to the number of hours you wish to prevent customers booking from. -
Advance Booking Notice Message The message to be displayed when the customer is booking within the Advance Booking Notice Period. -
Custom Email Text Text that is included in the confirmation email when the Venue is purchased -
Charity Discount Percent If the voucher is redeemed past the expiry date, a lower cash value should be entered. -
Allow Repeat Bookings Allow customers to repeat their booking at the same week/time, venue/hire type. -
Repeat Booking Week Option Set the number of weeks they can at a maximum repeat their booking for. -
Location Set the Location that this Venue is located within e.g Simulator 1 (Venue) is in Bristol (Location). Mandatory
Venue Category n/a -
GLCode n/a -
Line Item Format n/a -
Image Assign a thumbnail image to the Venue -
Surcharge   -



Setting Opening Hours

Opening Hours are when this specific Venue is set to show available times/dates for customers to purchase your Hire Types against.

  2. Select the Effective - Expiry Date (what dates the Venue will be open for)
  3. Select the Day of the Week (day of week venue is open between above date for)
    See note below if you are open more than one day a week.
  4. Select Open + Close Hour (the time of the first and last session available for the booking)
    If item has a duration that would take it past 'Close Hour' - then they will not be able to book this time.
  5. Click SAVE.

Screenshot Example: Venue availblility is Daily between 10-6pm

Daily Availability

Note: if your venue is open on more than one day a week, then you'll need redo step 3 for each day of the week available (as seen in the above screenshot). 

If you create the Opening Hours for every day of the week (9-5) with an Effective/Expiry Date + Open/Close Houre that spans across a month/year(s) (for example) - then you are saying that you have available sessions every day all day for until this Expiry Date.

Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Availability

Note: if you wish change the venue availability to not run daily e.g. fortnightly - then see below:

  2. Select the Effective - Expiry Date to be the first available week's date, day of week, opening hours.
    Note: Duplicate and edit Day of Week if running on more than one day of the week.
  3. Click SAVE.
  5. Select the Effective - Expiry Date to be the available week's date e.g. 2 weeks (4 weeks for monthly) from the previous Effective - Expiry Date.
  6. Click SAVE.

Screenshot Example: Venue is available weekly every Friday in October between 10-6pm.


Linking Hire Types

The HIRE TYPE tab on Venue allows you to link the Hire Types to this specific Venue.

You can also do this in Venue Hire Type - however its advised you do this here if you are setting up your system for the first time.

  1. Click a HIRE TYPE [tab]
  3. Reference the table below for the required fields to enter on Venue Hire Type.
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 if you have more than one Hire Type that you want to assign to this specific Venue.

Note: you will need to link the Hire Types again as outlined above (if you have other Venues that need Hire Types assigned).